4. Wrapping Up

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Lesson Plan Five: My Career Insights Reflection and Introduction to My Career Portfolio.

This lesson encourages students to reflect on their My Career Insights experience and links into a related Departmental initiative, My Career Portfolio. Please note that My Career Portfolio is administered by the Department of Education and Training, not the CEAV.

Wrapping up

Once your school has completed the interview process, your Program Co-Ordinator will send a School Completion Report. The report contains a summary of your school’s data and provides a useful snapshot of the careers and pathway suggestions based on the students who participated.  It also includes: 

  • The number of Year 9 students that completed each component of the program (assessment and interview)  
  • The top 20 career and post-secondary course suggestions
  • The top 20 career, senior secondary subjects, and post-secondary courses selected by participating students  
  • Results from the questionnaires completed by participating students, including data on preferred work styles, preferred work environment, learning styles, interests and special interests.  

Please note that students who did not register/engage in profiling are able to do so up until the end of the current year. This is of particular importance if students are looking to re-visit Morrisby in the coming years (students have life-long access once they register).

Once in Year 10, students who missed the opportunity are unable to register or be interviewed as part of the My Career Insights Program.  

My Career Portfolio

Student profiles and follow-up interviews are part of the Victorian Government’s plan to transform career education in Victorian Government schools. A related initiative, My Career Portfolio, has been designed to support students with resources to capture career goals and plans. Students can download a copy of their Morrisby Report and add it to their Career Portfolio as a file. The Morrisby report can also assist in generating a Career Action Plan.