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Lesson Plan One: Introduction to Morrisby 

This lesson demonstrates how the Morrisby assessments and questionnaires are formatted, the different assessment styles, and provides familiarisation with the aptitudes assessment through the completion of practice questions.


Things to consider

Discuss the logistical aspects of Morrisby profiling and interviewing with relevant people in your school. Your conversations will need to consider timetables, estimated number of students who will participate, dates of school events such as camps or sports carnivals, availability of resources (computers/laptops/iPads), room allocations, supervising staff and any special cohorts you may wish to profile separately or who may need support. Reach out to your Regional Co-ordinator if you would like to discuss what has worked well for schools in the past.

Technical Requirements - Profiling

To ensure your profiling session runs smoothly, your Regional Coordinator will provide you with an IT Guidelines pack for your IT Department.

Find a list of technical requirements here.

Registration Code

Students access the Morrisby profiling tool using a registration code unique to your school. Your Regional Co-ordinator will provide you with your code.