The ACCE eNews is a free fortnightly newsletter for ACCE members containing information from a range of community organisations, education and training providers, industry forums and employers.

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ACCE eNews Submissions

ACCE eNews submission is open to any person or organisation with an interest in promoting career education. 

Organisations and individuals are welcome to contribute items by providing up to 100 words including a web address or contact details for the career development activity, product or resource. This is not an advertisement but should be seen as information for Career Practitioners and students.

Item contributors, please be aware that items submitted to the eNews will appear in one and only one edition. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that they submit to the correct edition of the ACCE eNews.

To submit an item  click on the link and complete the form Submit an eNews Item

Submission Form. The ACCE encourages people and organisations to use the item submission form instead of placing us on an email distribution list.

The deadline for submitting items is 5:00 pm on the day before the edition is released. All submissions after this time will be scheduled for inclusion in the next edition.

For ACCE eNews inquiries please contact Dave Thompson [email protected]

2022 ACCE eNews Release Dates

The eNews is released fortnightly on a Thursday during school terms.

Term One: 

January 31 - April 8

February 3

February 17

March 3

March 17

March 31

Term Two:

April 26 - June 24

April 28

May 12

May 26

June 9

June 23

Term Three:

July 11 - September 16

July 14

July 28

August 11

August 25

September 8

Term Four:

October 3 - December 20

October 6

October 20

November 3

November 17

December 1

December 15