My Career Insights


Suitable for school and DET staff that are new to the My Career Insights program and for those that are already familiar but would like a refresher.

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Service Provider Requirements

The Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) and it's consortia partner Career Analysts, are seeking Service Providers to support delivery for the My Career Insights program in Victorian Government Schools.
Consultants are engaged as PTY LTD entities ("Service Providers"). This requires an ACN.


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What is My Career Insights?

My Career Insights is a program for all Year 9 students (or equivalent in specialist settings) in Victorian Government secondary schools. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has engaged the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV), which is working with Career Analysts Pty Ltd, to deliver My Career Insights. The program is part of a suite of career education reforms implemented by the DET in 2019.

Students will be given the opportunity to complete a series of questionnaires and quizzes accessed through the Morrisby website. They will then discuss their results with a Morrisby-trained Careers Consultant in a 30-minute interview. 

My Career Insights will help students discover, develop and drive their career planning. It is a unique opportunity for students to learn more about their strengths and abilities while exploring potential career options – giving them the confidence to start taking control of their future. 

What is Morrisby?

Morrisby has been specifically designed and developed for volume career assessment of school-aged students. It is interactive with customisation options. Once students have a login, all questionnaires can be taken again without further cost as students mature, and interests change. Students are able to revisit the system later in their school life to complete additional assessments and undertake research. This builds a longitudinal career development approach rather than being a static ‘snapshot’, which does not change with the student.

Here is a quick 5-minute background video about Morrisby.



Phase 1: Discover

Students will begin by completing a series of online questions on the Morrisby website. These questions have been designed to help them learn more about themselves and their:





 These personal insights help open-up a variety of possible career pathways, specifically tailored to who they are.


Phase 2: Develop

Once students have completed their Morrisby profile, they will be given an opportunity to discuss their results with a Morrisby trained Careers Consultant.

This discussion may be face-to-face at school or through a video conference.

Student Profile results will remain locked until this discussion.