Our Mission

Australian Centre for Career Education is a career education association, providing services to professionals, non-professionals and the community.

We formed in 1975 as the Career Education Association of Victoria, we provide career services and support to industry and schools. Our original focus was to start the dialogue between young people leaving school and employers seeking to develop their workforce capabilities and we developed work experience programs and training in career education.

ACCE was instrumental in advocating for career education teachers in schools to assist young people with their future career planning. Over time, the association has grown to offer training across Australia in career development and to work with career practitioners, young people and adults in a variety of educational and non-school-based settings.

In 2013, we redeveloped our profile to be more reflective of our purpose and in 2014, the association commenced trading under the new name Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE). ACCE has been a registered educational charity since 2015.

We now provide a holistic approach to career education services for members and the broader community.


The Australian Centre for Career Education's vision is to service the wider public benefit as the leader in the provision of quality career education and career development services and products to the community.


Our Objectives

Our objectives are guided by our constitution.


We support clients and those most disadvantaged within the broader community to access career education, quality career development services and products. ACCE supports its members and the public by promoting career development as a lifelong process and by providing ethical and professional career education programs, products and training.

Our Constitution

Read the current constitution here

1. Providing career development teaching programs to the public;
2. Providing career development learning programs to the public;
3. Developing relevant, innovative and quality career development professional learning and training programs, products and communications media;
4. Advocating for career education to benefit school leavers, indigenous people, disabled people, rural people, people for whom English is an additional language, the underemployed, and the unemployed in conjunction with schools, parent bodies, Principal, teacher and education groups, government departments, employer bodies, unions, employment agencies, disability and refugee organisations, and other stakeholders;
5. Conducting and publishing career research;
6. Enhancing and developing collaborative, effective strategic relationships with relevant organisations; and
7. Doing all things incidental and necessary to promote and achieve its purpose.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is the advancement of education for the public benefit, particularly in relation to career development.

Links to national associations

We have links with equivalent education associations interstate. We are also a founding member association of The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). CICA is the national industry body for careers practitioners in Australia and a strategic alliance of Australian professional associations involved in career development. CICA developed the National Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners and ACCE adheres to, and promotes ongoing professionalism in the sector and adherence to The Professional Standards.