2. Profiling


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Lesson Plan Two: Conducting a Morrisby Profiling Session. 

This lesson covers the online profiling session. Typically, the profiling session is undertaken under exam conditions over a two-hour period. However, it may be broken up into different sections and delivered over a number of days.


Things to consider

You will need to allow 120 minutes for profiling, which includes 100 minutes of profiling activity and 10 mins for registration and a break.

Consider how the profiling session will run at your school: Would you like students to complete their profile in one session or break it up to align with your school timetable? Speak with your Regional Co-ordinator about a profiling schedule that will work best for your students.  

The default profiling set-up, with timing controls can be seen below. 

Your Regional Co-ordinator will schedule your profiling session/s and be in contact once completed to discuss student progress.  

Students also have the option of profiling from home using the Morrisby Profiling Kit. This resource was developed following the shift to remote learning in 2020, with over 13,000 students successfully self-directing their profiling experience from home. Speak with your Regional Co-ordinator about whether this might be a suitable option for your students. 

Profiling options

Following feedback from staff in specialist and alternative settings, some enhancements were made to the delivery of My Career Insights during 2020. In addition to the standard profiling pathway where students complete the timed aptitudes assessment and untimed interests and personality type questionnaires, students can now engage in two additional profiling pathways. 

Aspirations pathway 

  • Upon registration, students are logged in to the interests questionnaire. They then have the option of completing the aptitudes assessment at a later date. 
  • As per the standard profiling pathway, students receive a report that includes career and subject suggestions. 

Elemental aspirations pathway 

  • Upon registration, students are logged in to a modified version of the interests questionnaire. They do not have the option of completing the aptitudes assessment at a later date. 
  • The report does not include career and subject suggestions. 

If you think one of these pathways might be more suitable for some/all of your students, please advise your Regional Co-ordinator. Sample reports can be obtained for all three pathways from your Regional Co-ordinator.

Some tips for profiling day 

  • Try to replicate test-like conditions. For groups that benefit from more relaxed environments, it’s possible for them to do the profile separately from other classmates.  
  • Provide a copy of the relevant registration code to your students.
  • Ensure all students can see the necessary web address (app.morrisby.com) 
  • Ensure that all devices are switched on and have web access.
  • Ensure that students only have the Morrisby Profile page open - other programs and browser windows should be closed.
  • Students should be encouraged to work as quickly as they can - but not so fast that they are bound to make mistakes. 
  • If students are stuck, it’s okay to help students who do not understand a question so long as this advice does not answer the question for them. 
  • For students who require support, please ensure appropriate adjustments are made in terms of space and time, including any support aides that need to be present

Missed profiling sessions/student absences 

If students miss their scheduled profiling session, there is still an opportunity for them to undertake the profile session at a time that suits your school at a later date. In addition, if you have new enrolments and students have not yet participated in My Career Insights, then you may use the code to enable the student to complete their Morrisby Profile.  

Profiling session checklist 

This checklist will help you prepare for your profiling session.

Click on the image to download/print a copy.