3. Interviewing

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Lesson Plan Three and Four: Unpacking the Morrisby Profile

These lessons have been designed to take place after students have participated in one-on-one interviews. Students build on what they learnt during their interview and consider their strengths, talents and interests in relation to associated career fields, subject options and pathway suggestions.

Students will investigate the range of career suggestions included in their Morrisby Profile and interact with some of the in-built system functionality.




Once profiling has been completed, students will participate in a one-on-one interview conducted by an independent Career Consultant engaged by the CEAV to “unpack” the Morrisby Profile and demonstrate system functionality for ongoing use.  Please note that student results remain locked until the week of interview. 

Interviews can be conducted on-site at school or remotely via Webex.  Remote interviews were introduced in 2020 in response to the pandemic, with over 24,000 students participating in a Webex interview. Discuss your preference for face to face or Webex interviews with your school leadership team and your Program Co-Ordinator. If you decide to deliver with Webex, your Program Co-Ordinator will forward you information regarding technical requirements.

Things to consider 

Whether interviews are conducted face-to-face or remotely, a suitable area must be reserved that allows enough space between students to reduce noise and disruption.  You will also need staff available during the interview period to ensure students arrive for their interview on time. Consideration should also be given to student absences. Ideally, absences should be backfilled with students booked in at a later time.   

Parents are welcome to attend their child’s interview if they wish. 

Scheduling Interviews 

Interviews are booked through your Program Co-Ordinator at a mutually agreed time based on Career Consultant availability and your school calendar. Once dates are confirmed, your Program Co-Ordinator will discuss an interview schedule that aligns with your school timetabling. You will need to allow 45 minutes per interview (30 minutes for the interview and 15 minutes for the Consultant to write notes).  In previous years, the average number of interviews per Consultant per day was 7 or 8. Once interview times have been confirmed, your Program Co-Ordinator will send you a schedule with start times and Consultant details.  You can then allocate students to each time slot and use this schedule on the day of interviews to direct students to their assigned Consultant. 

Tip: Interview dates should occur at least 3 weeks after profiling completed.   

Online reports 

You can generate a student report online. The report contains results obtained during profiling and includes a summary of their online profile. A copy of the report and interview notes are also available to school staff via “Adviser Access” in Morrisby Manager.

Missed interviews 

If students miss their scheduled session, “mop up” interviews can be organised. Please discuss this with your Program Co-ordinator.