Y9 Career Education - Focusing on Careers is Edition 2 the third in a series of workbooks to help Year 7-12 Australian students to
continue to plan their careers. This workbook offers tasks that can be worked on independently or as classroom-based activities allowing students to discover and learn about themselves, what they value and their place in the world of work. There is also some critical advice to parents and care givers in the front cover to help them assist in their child’s career journey.

This workbook has 3 sections:

  1. Self development: where you will think about your skills, values and attributes and how they can affectyour future goals and opportunities in further education, training and employment. Also, become aware of the factors that can limit your choices. Another focus will be on developing a range of communication skills needed in managing your career development.
  2. Career exploration: where you will explore and consider how academic performance, subject and course selection play a big part in your future career options. You will consider the impact of technology has on work roles and continue to develop knowledge on a wide range of careers and the tools needed to search for work.
  3. Career management: where you will learn where to find and use career information resources to explore the trends that affect occupations. You will further develop your educational and personal goals, think about your NEXT STEPS, and begin to develop networks and strategies to assist you in your career development.