Titled Y8 Career Education - Exploring Careers Edition 2 this workbook will help year 8 students find out about the world of careers. The tasks provided in the workbook will help students think about what skills and abilities they will need for careers now and in the future. This workbook will support students in exploring the world of work and assist in reflecting on their goals for the future. By using this workbook students will begin to develop the skills to plan their future career and identify allies who will help them on their journey.

This workbook has 3 sections:

  1. Self development will help students focus on how they can make an impact on their future career by using their full potential. Through understanding their strengths and identifying areas for improvement students can build skills to achieve goals they set themselves.
  2. Career exploration challenges students to think about their learning and experiences in and out of school and how it can impact on their future choices.
  3. Career management where students will understand and identify the skills needed to make decisions and set goals.