Y12 Applying the Next Steps in My Career Edition 2 is the sixth in a series of workbooks to help Year 7-12 Australian students to continue to plan their careers. The workbooks have been developed by the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) in consultation with career development practitioners practising in schools in Victoria.

As soon as a student gets to Year 12, they start to be asked "Do you know what you are doing after you leave Year 12?" For many young people at the commencement of their final year of schooling the answer is - "I have no idea!" The response from concerned family and teachers is "Why not?" Perhaps it's the myriad of choices, the difficulty in focusing on one set pathway or the uncertainty of exiting from twelve years of schooling that makes the decision a difficult one to make.

This booklet is designed to help year 12 students reflect on the decisions they have made along their career pathways so far. The activities will give they a change to consider where they are going and to assess the suitability of their choices.