Y10 Career Education - Planning My Career E2 is the fourth in a series of workbooks to help Year 7-12 Australian students to continue to plan their careers. For many students in Australia compulsory schooling will be completed by age 17. This means that Year 10 is a critical year for choosing senior secondary studies, or post –secondary education, training or employment.

Australian students have a rich and diverse range of options when it comes to completing their final years of schooling. The challenge for students and young people is to learn as much as they can about the choices available as they move from junior to senior studies, training and employment. Along the way students and young people will be asked to make choices in relation to subjects, courses, training and work. These choices need sound preparation and planning.

This workbook contains three sections with guided activities for students to complete:

  1. Self-development will help students to identify individuals who can help them stay focused on their career goals.
  2. Career exploration will involve exploring the relationship between student's learning, study and training and how this benefits both them and the broader community.
  3. Career management provides students with opportunities to prepare a career e-portfolio of evidence that validates their skills, knowledge and attitudes towards study and work.

These activities when complete, will provide students with the foundation to make informed subject and course choices so that they feel more confident in their decision making, plan goals that reflect their interest and talents and establish career management techniques that will help them to form useful habits for future career planning.