Session 2 covers:

·         Use of trauma-informed language (Do I need to say the word “trauma” to work from a trauma informed perspective?) 

·         Intentional skill use:

o   Understanding functions of general skill categories (Questions, Reacting, Structuring).

o   Intentional use of questioning and reacting skills.

o   Using skills to reinforce professional boundaries, deepen engagement in career process (while at the same time linking clients to mental health resources and support) and acknowledging client experience but using skills to contain and focus intervention on career concerns. 

·         Demonstration of trauma-informed practice.

·         Brief skill practice in triads. 

·         Developing implementation intentions for using skills immediately post-workshop.  

Location: Online Zoom link to be provided after registration and payment

Participants will learn

  • What trauma is and how it impacts indivduals and their career - related behavior
  • How trauma and its impact may present themselves in career development intervention
  • How to navigate boundaries of competence in trauma- informed practice
  • Intentional skill use to support trauma- informed career development intervention