Rail Academy is offering a free STEM webinar, hosted by CEAV. The webinar will be an opportunity for Year 7 to 10 students to engage with some of Victoria's foremost female industry leaders and design a station based on a list of components and materials.

Students will learn through this webinar that when building a new station there are a range of considerations that can be made to reduce the cost/embodied emissions of the materials and the sustainable development goals that their station design may contribute to.

This activity is designed with the idea to promote critical thinking, basics of design, engineering, building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable construction and innovation.

This will in turn encourage teamwork and leadership from all those involved. A hands-on and fun activity to do, providing an introduction and insights into rail design and construction.

Students will:

• Critically analyse design options within budget constraints

• Investigate ideas or concepts of renewable and non-renewable resources

• Compare how sustainable environmentally friendly a build is based on the materials selected

• Explore ways to reduce total cost of build based on materials procured and cost of additional optional features

• Learn how engineers can help create good sustainability outcomes.

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Location: Online at your own computer