• Development and delivery of careers services for Victorian schools – focus on secondary, developmental, and community-based schools.

• Understanding and using career education frameworks

• Development of career education curriculum junior, middle and senior school.

• A day in the Life of a career practitioner

• Role and responsibilities of career practitioners

– Career Industry Council of Australia Industry Standards

• Using labour market data effectively – students, teachers, and parents

• System knowledge and initiatives - education, training, and employment understanding how systems are integrated

• Benchmarking your practice – evaluation of services

• Professional Membership – why is it important

Target audience: New career practitioners appointed to the role in schools. Teachers seeking to become career practitioners in secondary schools and mid career changers.

Location: Corlett Room, 61 Civic Drive (BUILDING A, Level 2) Greensborough Vic 3088

Credit: 14.0 hrs

CICA 7 competencies will be introduced as a core framework for the delivery of career services in schools.