Kristen Elliott

Career Facilitator

Industry Training Hub Shepparton

Industry Training Hubs are funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

7 September 2022

The ACCE team led by Natalie Maharaj have been outstanding! From our initial engagement 15 months ago, Natalie and the team at ACCE spent a lot of time listening, researching, and asking questions, constantly checking back (via meetings and various communication methods) to ensure that the initial concept idea and ensuing project plan, accurately met the objectives of the Industry Training Hub model and that of all key stakeholders involved across the project.

ACCE has a strong team with expertise across a number of areas that ensured all project requirements were met to a high standard. The team have overseen a comprehensive Rail & Construction project that we have rolled out across the Industry Training Hub – Shepparton region to more than 25 secondary schools.

Dedicated staff have been fully involved in the project from start to end. With skill and capability in designing project materials – incorporating the design of teaching and student resources that considered emerging trends, labour market and skills shortage needs and the future needs of industry. ACCE organised and hosted teacher/educator and student webinars involving industry professionals and designed and facilitated in-school industry presentations and industry immersion experiences. The ACCE team demonstrated a solid proficiency in project management, a thorough understanding of school curriculum, career development and career education, and skill and experience in developing detailed models of delivery across industry and careers focused education.

We know ACCE has decades of experience in delivering services to government and providing quality resources and training to career practitioners, predominantly for industry and in schools. We were able to experience first-hand how professional, highly skilled, organised and with strong attention to detail they were through the Rail & Construction project experience. We are incredibly grateful for the relentless effort shown by the whole ACCE team across this project.

ACCE, through the Rail & Construction project, has been instrumental and played a significant role in raising our profile and ensuring our work and key principles across the Industry Training Hub model have been showcased broadly across a wide audience incorporating regional secondary schools, industry and various levels of government.

Through the ACCE partnership, they have helped the Industry Training Hub strengthen industry engagement with schools across the education sector, provided students with exposure to multiple and meaningful workplace learning opportunities, and given educators and students a realistic understanding of the current and future world of work in regional rail and construction, industry needs for a skilled workforce, and helped students improve their understanding of jobs and pathways in regional rail and construction industries.


Jo Lim

Chief Executive Officer


13 September 2022

VicWater and Melbourne Water, on behalf of Victorian water corporations, worked with ACCE during 2021-22 to develop resources to promote careers in the Victorian water industry.

The project was well managed and resulted in a fantastic collection of interactive resources including workbooks, videos, case studies and webinars that showcase the diversity of career opportunities available in our industry.

The ACCE team were wonderful to work with and brought great enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge to the project.


Lorelle Pearse

Careers & Pathways Coordinator

Echuca College

12 September 2022

Students were made to feel at ease and comfortable to ask questions and participate and immerse themselves fully by the staff and speakers... they met the students on their level!

The students were receptive, positive and very talkative after the event, passing on some real feedback to those back at school.