Career Education in Years 9 & 10

Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework

The VCCF is used to develop custom and high-quality career education curriculums. The framework focuses on addressing the knowledge and skills necessary for work and life in the 21st century, preparing school leavers to manage their lifelong career and work journey.

The CEAV have found explicit links between the VCCF and the Victorian Curriculum F-10, in the following learning areas and capabilities at Levels 9 and 10:

  • The Humanities – Economics and Business in the Work and Work Futures, Enterprising Behaviours and Capabilities, Resource Allocation and Making Choices, and Economic and Business Reasoning and Interpretation strands.
  • The Humanities – Civics and Citizenship in the Citizenship, Diversity and Identity strand.
  • Personal and Social Capability in the Self-Awareness and Management, and Social Awareness and Management strands.
  • Ethical Capability in the Decision Making and Actions strand.
  • Intercultural Capability in the Cultural Practices and Cultural Diversity strands.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking in the Meta Cognition strand.


Career Education in the Victorian Curriculum Levels 9 & 10

Industry Immersion Day Workbook

Additional careers resources can be found on The Department of Education and Training website.