In light of the move to remote and flexible learning at the start of Term 2, a Morrisby@Home profiling kit has been developed for students so they can self-direct their profiling session from home. The pack has been written especially for students, stepping them through the online profiling session. It includes an introductory video, practice questions and registration information.

Every school has a unique Morrisby registration code. The CEAV has developed a profiling kit for every school, which includes this unique code. Schools can access their kit by contacting their CEAV Regional Coordinator.



The CEAV is working closely with the Department of Education and Training to develop a delivery model that will allow students to participate in a follow-up discussion about their results remotely.

The CEAV will be using the Department's preferred platform, webex to deliver these sessions.

Resources to support schools, students, parents and families are currently under development.