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This page provides answers to some questions commonly asked by participants.

Q:  How do I access the service?

You will need to make an appointment through our booking team. The phone number is 1800 967 909 or you can book online here.


Q:  What does a Career Counsellor do, and how they help me?

Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors provide personalised career guidance to Victorians who require support to understand, develop, and self-manage their career options. This involves activities such as developing a career plan, identifying skills and strengths, identifying labour market trends, assisting with resumes and interview coaching.


Q:  Can a Career Counsellor find me a job?

No, Career Counsellors don’t have access to any job vacancies. Their role is to help you understand your career options and provide you with the tools and confidence you need to pursue them.


Q:  Why is the Victorian government funding Career Counsellors?

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many Victorians are facing unemployment for the first time and finding the experience challenging. Others, such as recent graduates, need assistance to identify their career options and pathways in a tight labour market. Career Counsellors will add consistency, quality, depth and capacity to current career guidance services in Victoria, complementing other services such as those offered through TAFE Skills and Jobs Centres, the secondary education system and the broader suite of Jobs Victoria services.


Q:  What Qualifications do Career Counsellors have?

Career Counsellors hold post-graduate qualifications in career development (e.g. Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice or Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development). They must also maintain professional membership with a career industry association, which includes ongoing professional development commitments. More information in relation to the professional standards for Career Development Practitioners can be found here: https://cica.org.au/professional-standards/


Q:  How are sessions delivered?

Career counselling sessions are delivered online via video conferencing software, over the phone or face-to-face in your local area. The booking team can discuss this with you in more detail.


Q:  If I qualify for this program, how many sessions can I access?

Your Career Counsellor will work with you to determine the number of sessions required. Most people will participate in 1-3 sessions while others may need a couple more.


Q:  Is the service free?

Yes, the service is free, with funding provided through the State Government of Victoria.


Q:  How long does a session go for?

Career counselling sessions are approx. 45 minutes long. You have the option of speaking with the same Career Counsellor to ensure continuity of service.


Q:  I see that the service uses some career assessment tools. Can you tell me a bit more about them?

Your Career Counsellor will determine whether a career assessment tool is right for you. The tools that are offered include the Employment Readiness Scale and Morrisby.

  • The Employment Readiness Scale is a self-assessment questionnaire that establishes how prepared you feel you are for work.
  • Morrisby includes a series of psychometric assessments and questionnaires that provide an idea of your strengths and where your preferences lie.

Once you complete the relevant tool, your Career Counsellor will help you understand your results.


Q:  Can a Career Counsellor help me write a resume?

Yes, a Career Counsellor can definitely help with your resume. An important part of a resume session is helping you understand what makes a good resume, providing you with the tools to apply for future work independently.


Q:  I am currently receiving help from another Jobs Victoria service. Am I still able to access support from a Career Counsellor?


Yes, however, if you are experiencing complex barriers to employment and have been unemployed for 6 months or more, a Jobs Victoria Mentor might be more suitable. More information can be found here: https://jobs.vic.gov.au/about-jobs-victoria/our-programs/jobs-victoria-employment-services


Q:  Is the service connected to other Government services such as Centrelink?

No, the Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors service is not linked to Centrelink and therefore is not connected to any mutual obligation requirements.


Q:  What if I can’t make my appointment/need to cancel/re-schedule?

That’s ok. You can call the booking team on 1800 967 909 and they will be able to help.


Q:  Who is the CEAV?

The Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) has been engaged by Jobs Victoria to provide the Career Counsellors Service. The CEAV is a national association and thought leader in career development, established in 1975 by the Victorian Department of Education to deliver career counselling to young people in transition. The CEAV now delivers over 30,000 career interventions across Victoria each year. More information about the CEAV can be found here: https://ceav.vic.edu.au/



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