Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors Service

Need career advice? Plan your next move with a Jobs Victoria Career Counsellor.

Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors provide personalised career guidance to Victorians who are looking for work, are underemployed, unsure of what to do or who are working but looking for a career change. They will help you understand your career options and give you the tools and confidence you need to pursue them.
To book please call 1800 967 909 or book directly online below.

How can a Career Counsellor help me plan my career?

Career Counsellors can support you to:

  • identify your career goals and how you can achieve them
  • understand your skills and strengths
  • explore your interests and how they relate to different jobs
  • find out more about what sorts of jobs and skills are needed now and in the future
  • prepare job applications
  • connect with other career support services.

Find out more about what a Career Counsellor session involves.

How can I book a career counsellor session? 

Career Counsellors are available throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Sessions are available face-to-face, online or over the phone.

To book call 1800 967 909 or register online for a session.

Does it cost anything to use a Career Counsellor?

No. Career Counsellor sessions are fully subsidised by Jobs Victoria and free.

Call us

Contact us on 1800 967 909 to book an appointment with a member of our team. We are available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 8pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Appointments are typically up to 45 minutes long and you will be able to book more than one appointment with your Career Counsellor.

We offer Zoom and phone sessions as well as in-person the following areas:

  • Greensborough
  • Box Hill
  • Frankston North
  • Cranbourne East
  • Broadmeadows
  • Werribee
  • Melbourne CBD
  • Melton
  • Geelong
  • Dandenong
  • Glen Waverley

Book directly online

Book a Career Guidance session directly online by clicking the button below. You will receive an email with further details about your appointment, whether it be via Zoom, telephone or in-person.

Sessions are delivered by qualified Career Development professionals on an appointment basis.

Looking to refer?

Are you a service provider looking to refer a participant into our service? Click here for our referral form. 

How can a career counsellor help?

Our team of Career Counsellors can help you understand, develop, and self-manage your career options. They will work with you to:
  • explore your aspirations and interests and how they relate to potential careers
  • understand your marketable and transferable skills and strengths
  • help identify your career goals and provide guidance on skills development to support these goals
  • locate and understand labour market information
  • prepare job applications, including resumes and cover letters

Who can access the service?

The service is available to all Victorian residents and is most suited to people who are:

  • unsure of their work/career options and pathways
  • seeking employment but lack a clear vocational pathway/plan
  • unemployed and struggling to secure work due to lack of work experience (e.g. recent graduates)
  • underemployed and seeking more secure and/or skilled work
  • in need of support to plan a transition to a new occupation/career
  • wishing to pursue a professional career involving tertiary education pathways.

Career counselling is for everyone:

How a Jobs Victoria Career Counsellor like Ros can help you

Every day, Jobs Victoria Career Counsellor Ros C meets people from all walks of life and supports them to find their place in the working world.

Figuring out your next career step, what job might be best for you, how to network or apply for roles –these are all things Ros can help with.

“We can bring a fresh perspective to whatever career issue you may be facing and help you find clarity,” she says.
“Career counselling is for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the experience to guide you through it.” 

                                                    Ros C., Jobs Victoria Career Counsellor


Code of Professional Conduct 

The Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors Service Code of Professional Conduct includes ethical principles for professional competency and conduct and professional relationships, equity and diversity expectations, information surrounding confidentially and informed consent, and the scope of practice.

Click the document below to read the full Code of Professional Conduct. Reported breaches of the Code of Ethics will be investigated and dealt with appropriately.