Careers in Civil Construction School to Industry Pathways Program



School to Industry pathways program

Victoria is delivering an unprecedented pipeline of projects that brings endless career opportunities to explore. Building roads and bridges creates positive impacts for communities – be a part of that change!
Major Road Project Victoria’s (MRPV) Careers in Civil Construction program is your opportunity to get a taste of what your career in civil construction could look like.

Designed in partnership with the Career Education Association of Victoria and the Civil Contractors Federation of Victoria, the program is an opportunity for school career practitioners and students in Years 7 to 12 to:
• Discover careers that exist within the civil construction industry
• Explore career pathways into the industry
• Understand the role of key employability skills

Program components
The MRPV Careers in Civil Construction – School to Industry Pathways Program has four components targeting career practitioners and students to increase awareness and pathways into industry.

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Careers in Civil Showcase for students

A short, 1-hour, interactive session delivered in schools and online that showcases the range of careers that exist within the civil construction industry and career pathways into industry. The session also covers the importance of key employability skills.

School Career Practitioner Industry Briefings

Specifically targeting career practitioners and others who support secondary school students to plan their career, further education and employment choices, this short 1-hour online session explains the civil construction industry, the breadth of roles and occupations and training pathways into industry.

Career Practitioner Industry Exposure Day

The Industry Exposure Day provides career practitioners with first-hand insights into a civil construction workplace and the range of roles it takes to build a roads and bridges through an MRPV project site tour.

Industry Work Experience Program

The Industry Work Experience Program provides students with exposure to a real-world civil construction workplace with structured learning and industry exposure activities.