Upskilling in Career Development Practice provides an opportunity for career practitioners to improve the quality of their careers service, maintain currency and compliance with the CICA standards, engage in professional reflection and hone their skills and knowledge in career development. 

This is a rare opportunity to upskill and refresh your careers practice across all 7 CICA competencies.

Participants receive a substantial reference folder containing resources and ideas in current careers practice.


Morning tea & lunch provided.

Free parking available on site.


Location: 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough

Credit: 12 hrs

CICA Standards
  6.3.1 Career Development Theory
  6.3.2 Labour Market
  6.3.3 Advanced Communication Skills
  6.3.4 Ethical Practice
  6.3.5 Diversity
  6.3.6 Information and Resource Management
  6.3.7 Professional Practice

APST Training
  2 Know the content and how to teach it
  3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
  6 Engage in professional learning
  7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

This 2-day professional learning program will cover the following topics

·   Career Development Frameworks - an overview of the frameworks that guide and inform your practice;

·   Career Development Theory- the evolution of career development theory and its relevance to your work context;

·   Labour Market- Understanding labour market issues and the range of resources/websites used by career practitioners; 

·   Advanced Communication Skills - the difference between career interviewing and career counselling, the essential micro skills needed for best practice and how to assess the career readiness of clients;

·   Ethical Practice and Diversity - the range of legal and ethical requirements relevant to your careers service (including the Professional Standards, CEAV Code of Ethics and key legislations);

·   Information and Resource Management - the effective use of resources, record keeping and management;   Professional Practice - Managing your Professional Development and strategic action planning for your careers service.