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This 2 day Workshop provides intensive training in all operational aspects of delivering a quality career development service and career education programs. 

Participants will develop an understanding of the role of the career practitioner and the professional standards that guide their practice.

Participants will gain an overview of the duties and operations for careers services and the supports and resources available.

The ICDP provides an excellent foundation for the accredited training in career development qualifications or as a refresher for experienced practitioners.

Location: 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough

Credit: 12 hrs

CICA Standards
  6.3.1 Career Development Theory
  6.3.2 Labour Market
  6.3.3 Advanced Communication Skills
  6.3.4 Ethical Practice
  6.3.5 Diversity
  6.3.6 Information and Resource Management
  6.3.7 Professional Practice

APST Training

  2 Know the content and how to teach it

  3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

  6 Engage in professional learning

  7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

This 2-day professional learning activity provides invaluable knowledge, understandings and resources for those assisting students in their career planning and career decision-making.


 The program will provide training in the following topics:


·         the role and responsibilities of career practitioners according to CICA standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners;


·         The 7 competencies required for career practitioners including:


o    Career Development Theory;


o   Labour Market;


o   Advanced Communication Skills;


o   Ethical Practice; Diversity;


o   Information and Resource Management and Professional Practice.