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This is a ‘train the trainer’ style one day workshop for Career Practitioners who intend delivering the Engaging Parents in Career Conversations for their parent body.

Location: 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough

Credit: 6 hrs

CICA Standards

6.3.1 Career development theory

·         6.3.1b Apply career development theories to practice

·         6.3.1c Describe change and transition in the context of lifespan career development

·         6.3.1e Foster career management strategies

6.3.2 Labour market

·         6.3.2a Labour market information

·         6.3.2b Labour market preparation

6.3.3 Advanced communication skills

·         6.3.3b Use effective verbal communication skills

·         6.3.3c Use effective listening skills

·         6.3.3d Use appropriate and professional written communication skills

6.3.4 Ethical Practice

·         6.3.4c Develop relationship with other professionals

·         6.3.4d Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning

6.3.5 Diversity

·         6.3.5a Recognise diversity

6.3.6 Information and resource management

·         6.3.6a Collect, analyse and use information

·         6.3.6c Identify the major organisation, resources and community-based services for career development

6.3.7 Professional practice


·         6.3.7e Establish and maintain collaborative work relationships


APST Standards

3 Professional Practice

·         3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

·         3.7 Engage parents/ carers in the educative process


6 Professional Engagement

·         6   Engage in professional learning

·         6.1 Identify and plan professional learning needs

·         6.3 Engage with colleagues and improve practice


7   Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

·         7.1 Meet professional ethics and responsibilities

·         7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements

·         7.3 Engage with the parents/carers



·         7.4 Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities


This is a ‘train the trainer’ style one day workshop for Career Practitioner who intend delivering the Engaging Parents in Career Conversations for their parent body. The aim of the workshop to to create confidence to effectively deliver the workshop to parents and provide all the necessary tools and strategies for delivery via modelling and examining likely scenarios.  The workshop acknowledges the crucial role  parents  play in the career development of young people. The   Engaging Parents in Career Conversations workshop covers the following topics:

                      Career development - a lifelong journey

                      The value of career conversations

                      Engaging young people where they are at in life

                      Starting a career conversation with your child

                      Learning how to use useful career information and resources

                      Ways to better support your child in their career journey;

                      The High 5 messages

                      Understand the influential role you play; and

Becoming a career ally!