This training provides participants with full accreditation for the delivery of the Career Voyage vocational assessment tool. Career Voyage helps clients of all ages 15 and over, to identify types of work which match their interests and preferences. It:


  • Helps clarify their occupational interest patterns
  • Broadens their horizons by looking at the range of occupations currently making up
  • the workforce.
  • Confirms (or otherwise) existing ideas and provides back-up suggestions.
  • Often suggests types of work not previously heard of or considered.
  • Alerts the Adviser to problems some clients may be experiencing (eg inconsistent, negative, confused) and suggests how the Adviser may assist them.
  • Provides a model for career decision making.
  • Facilitates action planning to achieve identified goals.


Note: Participants will need to participate in or access the Using Vocational assessment Tools webinar (14th February 2018) prior to attending this training. The webinar recording may be accessed via the CEAV member lounge.


Confirmation of workshop attendance will be following notification of webinar attendance.

Location: 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough

Credit: 7 hrs

CICA Standards
  6.3.1 Career Development Theory
  6.3.6 Information and Resource Management

APST Training
 6 Engage in professional learning
 7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Participants undertake the Career Voyage program to experience this product first hand.

The training develops the confidence and competence to deliver the Career Voyage to clients.

This training includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the theory behind Career Voyage
  • Completing Career Voyage
  • Occupational Guides
  • Understanding and interpreting results
  • Working with clients – response styles
  • Job Factors , Job Suggestions and Job Profile
  • Administration and Management of the Career Voyage program online

Morning tea & lunch are provided.
Free on site parking available

Presenter: Frank Thompson