This 2-day workshop provides the knowledge, skills and resources necessary for participants to develop a Career Development Strategy Plan used as:

  • An outline of the goals, strategies and implementation processes for the School's careers service
  • A self-management tool
  • A mechanism for mapping career development activities across the organization
  • A timetable for quality career development service delivery
  • An evidence based document to promote career development to the whole community.

Morning tea & lunch provided.

Free on site parking available.


Location: 61 Civic Drive, Greensborough

Credit: 12 hrs

CICA Standards
  6.3.1 Career Development Theory
  6.3.3 Advanced Communication Skills
  6.3.4 Ethical Practice
  6.3.6 Information and Resource Management
  6.3.7 Professional Practice

APST Training
  3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
  6 Engage in professional learning
  7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

This 2-day professional learning program will cover the following topics

  • A Principal’s Perspective
  • Career Development Strategy Plan - Rationale
  • Strategic Action Planning
  • Career Education Strategies
  • Calendar of events
  • Allocation of Resources
  • Evaluating your Careers Service – surveys and benchmarking
  • Professional Development Plan 
  • Roles and Responsibilities