Resources for Schools

The CEAV has deployed qualified Career Practitioners as Regional Co-ordinators to work directly with schools in the delivery of the My Career Insights Program. All Victorian Government schools with year 9 students (or equivalent in a specialist setting) will be contacted by a CEAV Regional Co-ordinator to facilitate student participation.

A list of Regional Co-ordinators supporting each school is available on the 'Schools List' page.

The CEAV has developed a number of resources to support delivery, which are available at the bottom of this page.


Support for School Staff

  • The CEAV provides technical and service delivery support to all schools during the school year for My Career Insights. The CEAV Helpdesk can be contacted by emailing or phoning 9433 8033 during school hours.
  • Staff involved in program delivery are able to complete their Morrisby profile for free. This ensures that staff are familiar with the process prior to delivery. Please contact your Regional Co-ordinator for registration details.
  • Staff are also able to register for Morrisby Adviser Access which will enable you to manage elements of your school My Career Insights experience including:
    • Monitoring the progress and completion rate of your students completing the Morrisby Profile
    • Accessing student Morrisby Profile Reports
    • Accessing interview notes generated during the one-on-one interview with each student
    • Resetting passwords for students, if required
  • Career Practitioners, Leading Teachers and other staff working with students on the Program are able to gain Morrisby Certification. This self-paced course is free of charge and usually takes around 4 hours to complete. Please contact your Regional Co-ordinator for further information.


My Career Portfolio

Student profiles and follow-up interviews are part of the Victorian Government’s plan to transform career education in Victorian Government schools. A related initiative, My Career Portfolio, has been designed to support students with resources to capture career goals and plans. Students can download a copy of their Morrisby Report and add it to their Career Portfolio as a file. The Morrisby report can also assist in generating a Career Action Plan.