METRO Tunnel Project

Tuesday October 30

9:30am (registration) – 2:30pm


121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Metro HQ, 125 – 133 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Town Hall Station site, Swanston Street, Melbourne
Archaeological dig behind Young and Jackson Hotel, Swanston Street, Melbourne


The Metro Tunnel Industry Immersion Experience is an exciting day of learning activities to build students’ knowledge of the world of work focused around the Metro Tunnel Project being undertaken in Melbourne’s CBD.

Students and teachers will:

  • Take a walking tour to view Town Hall Station construction site where they will learn about the tunnel alignment, tunnel boring and the challenges of managing a large scale infrastructure project in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.
  • View the archaeological dig taking place behind Young and Jackson Hotel on Swanston Street and discover what has been found from Melbourne’s past.
  • Meet graduates working on the project in an informal setting where students can ask questions about pathways into industry, what the graduates enjoy about their job and what their day on the project involves.
  • Explore the project's visitor centre, Metro Tunnel HQ, where students will have the opportunity to engage with interactive displays and use virtual reality to explore the world of tunnel boring.
  • Spend time creating a profile of their own skills and interests and explore potential roles that might suit them on a large scale project like the Metro Tunnel.

**A full schedule of the day’s activities is available HERE


What happens on the day?

  • The day will begin at 9:30am at 121 Exhibition Street where students and teachers will be required to check in.
  • Following an introduction and information from keynote speakers, students will be provided with a light morning tea and be separated into 4 groups for the first two activities of the day. 
  • Students and staff will break for lunch around 12:15pm and can either bring their own lunch or if approved by the school, purchase it during a 45 minute lunch break.
  • Students and teachers will reassemble at 12:50pm to complete the final 2 activities.
  • At 2:30pm students and teachers will be regroup and return to school.

 **Please note: students will be required to travel short distances on foot between activities.
***Please let us know if you have students who may require assistance travelling between activities.

Students will receive:

  • Morning tea 
  • An Industry Immersion pack including a student workbook with activities linked to the Victorian curriculum.
  • Interactive information sessions where students complete activities focused around Construction Technology.

 Teachers will receive:

  • Morning tea 
  • An Industry Immersion pack including a teaching resource workbook with lesson plans linked to the Victorian curriculum.
  • Funded transport to and from the Industry Immersion Experience venue
  • CRT for all teachers attending the excursion.

 **Details regarding reimbursement arrangements for travel and CRT costs will be forwarded once registration has been completed.